GeoArray Technologies is an independent service company engaged in oil&gas industry. The company has been established by math scientists and skilled geophysical experts in exploration & development with worldwide expertise to bring new engineering technologies to the worldwide service market.  Our research efforts were focused on combining the power of our algorithm with the high performance of supercomputers.

The most mature product, GeoArray Toolkit, is a cost-effective state-of-the-art solution for horizontal drilling and frac diagnostics which enables insight into key factors for better reservoir development enforced comprehensive understanding of the interaction between the fractures and reservoir.

The Toolkit has been used in 85 oil fields for 45 hydraulic fracturing and 40 other applications.

Using the power of our  GeoArray Toolkit  we offer two proprietary solutions  to our clients:

Compact Surface Real-Time Geomechanical Systems

FracArray® , focused on  Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing (MSHF) Real-Time diagnostic system coupled with 3D/4D visualizator to forecast and possibly change pumping rates and fluid volumes to predict damaging frac due to screen out, improve fracture geometry inducement with the a given proppant potential distribution.

ScanArray®focused on monitoring long-duration microseismic processes connected with active faults delineation before drilling, water flooding injection, drainage pattern surveillance, well integrity control, cap-rock integrity, etc.

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