Using the power of our  GeoArray TechnologiesToolkit  we offer two proprietary solutions that can be used separately or implemented as part of an integrated workflow:

Compact Surface Real-Time Geomechanical System: (FracArray®/ScanArray® Technologies)


Near real-time geomechanical and petrophysical diagnostic aimed at Multi-Stage hydraulic Fracturing coupled with 3D/4D visualization allows operators to predict and possibly modify pumping rates and fluid volumes on the fly to mitigate screen outs and improve fracture geometry inducement with a given proppant distribution and guide decisions stage to stage.


Here we solve the inverse problem to accurately identify the precise position of the hypocenter of the event and then apply the solution of the inverse dynamic problem- Seismic Moment Tensor Inverse Problem (SMTIP). 

to decompose the seismic moment of the tensor based on massive cross-correlation.


Long-term 4D microseismic monitoring technology, focused on monitoring long-duration seismic emission processes connected with active faults delineation before drilling, water flooding injection, drainage pattern surveillance, well integrity control, cap-rock integrity, etc.

Business advantages of GeoArray Technologies


  1. Fast deployment
    1. Wireless surface 1C geophones
    2. Compact/modular deployment of all assets
    3. No downhole monitoring required
  2. High resolution & high accuracy
    1. Less sensitivity to background noise
    2. Proprietary data processing of seismic moment tensors
    3. No velocity model is needed
  3. Near real-time monitoring
    1. Fast turnaround (1-2 minutes)
    2. On-site mobile GPU/CPU cluster for real-time processing and visualization
  4. Economically feasible
    1. Almost 2-times less cost than competitors
    2. Affordable monitoring for small operators
    3. Real-time results enable alerts for on-the-fly adjustments to mitigate potential risks
    4. Up to 20% saving per injection


FracArray®  & ScanArray® technologies are based on the solution of the Seismic Moment Tensor Inverse Problem (SMTIP). 

Descriptions of the short-term microseismic  monitoring  and long-term microseismic monitoring are presented here:

The short description of the FracArray Roadmap