We offer two proprietary solutions of GeoArray Technologies Kit  to our clients:

  •  FracArray©  short-term 4D geomechanical & petrophysical monitoring technology, focused on  Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing (MHF)
  • ScanArray© long-term 4D microseismic monitoring technology, focused on monitoring long-duration microseismic processes connected with active faults deleniation before drilling, water flooding injection, drainage pattern surveillance, well integrity control, cap-rock integrity, etc.




FracArray©  & ScanArray© technologies are based on the solution of the Seismic Moment Tensor Inverse Problem (SMTIP). 

Descriptions of the short-term microseismic  monitoring  and long-term microseismic monitoring are presented here:

The short description of the FracArray Roadmap